LHMS Pre-Med



LHMS Pre-Med Academy      

           TEST SITE:   http://www.classroomclipboard.com/721082  PLEASE Please type in last name for your first name, thank you.
ALL Pre-med lab fees are $10/year. Cash, Check (make payable to LHMS Pre-Med Academy), or Money order accepted.
REMIND 101.com: 
Would you like reminders regarding exams/projects??  Click on the link next to the course for which you are registered and follow the directions.
  • EXPLORATION of Health Occupations:  remind.com/join/24d3hg
  • INRODUCTION to Health Science:  remind.com/join/9328e2
  • MEDICAL SKILLS: remind.com/join/hgah9k

LATE WORK_______

Remember: You can turn in any assignment late for 1/2 credit and you may come early -with a pass, to check off on a skill check for full credit.  Please remember when making up EXAMS and QUIZES that you need a pass from me prior to coming in the morning.  IF YOU HAVE A "Z" for an assignment, you did not turn the assignment in yet.  Please follow the code-of-conduct for absences. 


***Check out study material on Quizlet..com. Create a Log in account. Please use your first and last name with 17 at the end. Example: CarlaHiggins17 would be my log in user name. Use the class name that you are signed up for to join and then send me a request to join the Quizlet class. :) 
If you were absent and need to check out a text book or workbook for level 1, 2 or 3, please go to the media center.  You may check out a text book/workbook for up to one week. Please follow your code of conduct for make-up work.  See the make-up Center in back of the classroom for missed Bell Work and Assignments :)